Physical Camera Component

Physical Camera Control

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Unity HDRP has a physical section on it’s camera component. It mimics real-life camera settings like sensor, size, ISO, focal length and aperture. These settings are used by the camera itself, but also by other systems that affect rendering, like the Exposure and Depth of Field volume overrides.

This allows someone who is familiar with cameras to operate within Unity. But it also helps the user setup physically realistic camera settings, all in one place.

The settings in physical camera are simply raw values, so can be difficult to get right. I made a component that sits along side the camera component to help with this.

Current features:

Here’s a short tutorial video on the the physical camera settings and using this component to frame and expose a shot.

Framing and Exposure using Unity's HDRP Physical Camera

Dolly Zoom - Change Focal Length while keeping the same objects in frame:

Dolly Zoom

Lock Exposure - Change F/Stop for Depth of Field effect without ruining exposure:

Lock Exposure

Wide shot:

Wide Shot

Narrow shot:

Narrow Shot